A collection of photos, charitable or personal websites I do, and a few observations about events, places, and experiences.

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IDF going into Gaza
Iron Rain: Courage and determination on the Gaza border.
Israel Defense Forces going into Gaza (background).

Patronato, Havana
Jewish Cuba

A focal point for trips to Cuba for many charitable groups.

World Trade Center

A volunteer in New York

(Unattributed photo taken from the internet.)
We will never forget. We will never forgive.

Piano in the sand

Hurricane Katrina recovery

September-October-November 2005 photos:
a surreal world of human and physical loss.

Young Cavaliers
Damascus, Virginia

A website I do for one of the best small towns in the United States.
Backyard trail
Virginia Creeper Trail
The trail runs beside my property for about 600 feet. Nice.

Armenian carpet
Armenia, yesterday and today

A personal tour of discovery

Star of David - Patronato
B'nai B'rith Jewish Cuban Relief Project
Pittsburgh-based program which has delivered
millions of dollars in supplies to Cuba.

Trinidad de Cuba
Gallery of photos taken in Cuba

Photos taken on my last trip there
Club Red - Dahab, Egypt
I recently turned this site over to my Bedouin friends in Dahab.

The Giza pyramids, a photo taken from Pizza Hut
Giza Pizza
Taken from inside Pizza Hut near the gate at Giza. Kentucky Fried Chicken is downstairs in this two-story building.
We had a double-cheese pizza while the sun set behind the pyramids.

the view from my study
The view from my study: early autumn in the Blue Ridge Mountains.