Biloxi, Mississippi - Katrina Recovery

The perspective of a volunteer in the recovery effort.

Beth Israel Congregation

Beth Israel Synagogue in Biloxi, a congregation serving the Gulf Coast's Jewish communities, was severely damaged.
The future of the building is still uncertain, with structural damage possible which may require
that the building be torn down. In this photo Hands On USA volunteers help clean up the debris.

A Hands On USA tarping crew, joined by members of the Air Force from nearby Keesler Air Base,
put a heavy layer of vinyl over the synagogue's roof.

Part of the same crew covers another part of the building.

As one crew member said about the roof covering, "It's not pretty but it's functional."

The interior of the synagogue survived with minor damage, but the apartment upstairs
was heavily damaged by water through the roof.

What's a nice Jewish girl doing with a chainsaw?
Although Bess was not around to work on Beth Israel, she was known as one of the
strongest members of the tree-cutting crew, which cleared the trees from the synagogue.

Beth Israel