Biloxi, Mississippi - Katrina Recovery

The perspective of a volunteer in the recovery effort.

Hands On USA

Hands On USA is an all-volunteer group with no paid staff. Originally based in Thailand
as a response to the Tsunami disaster there, a new group has been created in Biloxi, Mississippi.
They were on the ground and working within days of Hurricane Katrina.
Volunteers are clearing trees, gutting houses, tarping roofs, providing medical street teams,
and delivering supplies to neighborhoods which other agencies have not reached.

Hands On USA volunteers clear debris from a driveway to make room for a FEMA trailer.
In early October FEMA began referring all Biloxi trailer clearings to Hands On USA.

Volunteers tarp a roof in an increasingly blue Biloxi.

Nurses Carrie and Lou take a break from providing medical care in the neighborhoods of East Biloxi.

Volunteers get ready to clean out a Vietnamese Service Center.

Hands On USA volunteer Mike Mead uses his skidster to clear out an area for a FEMA trailer.

Nate gets ready to take a photo of other volunteers and volunteer Airmen from
Keesler Air Base who are working with Hands On USA on a regular basis.

Sometimes the partially-downed trees present a challenge.
Scuba Marc takes on a dangerous entanglement.

Hands On USA

Hands On USA