Biloxi, Mississippi - Katrina Recovery

The perspective of a volunteer in the recovery effort.

Waveland and Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

A Seventh Day Adventist youth (right) and an overjoyed homeowner (left).

The youth from a Washington State Seventh Day Adventist group rip out the insides of a house in Waveland.
They were among the strongest and most efficient workers I met in my six weeks in the area.

Becca and Beth, Hands On USA volunteers, haul away a log from a Bay St. Louis house.

Surfergirl Suzi and Tom help Doyal pull a large log from a Bay St. Louis driveway.

Ten weeks after the hurricane, mud still covers much of the landscape.

Ten weeks after the hurricane, this house in Bay St. Louis waits to be done.
The owner has not entered her home, which had eight feet of water in the second floor.