Biloxi, Mississippi - Katrina Recovery

The perspective of a volunteer in the recovery effort.

Some General Photos of the Biloxi Area

Piano in the sand. When Hurricane Katrina tore apart the Gulf-front casinos,
all of their contents were scattered along the coast.

The Route 90 bridge to Ocean Springs lies in ruins.

The hurricane put autos into strange places.

In this home the waterline is obvious. Some homes were totally submerged.

Three died in this former apartment complex.

Sometimes it is the small things that are most disturbing: a lost page from a photo album;
a child's toy; a wedding dress tangled in a fence. As one victim said, "I've lost my childhood."

Neighborhood Watch.

Some objects left by the storm raise troubling questions.


All photos are by Richard Smith, a Hands On USA volunteer.
Non-commercial use is ok.