Biloxi, Mississippi - Katrina Recovery

The perspective of a volunteer in the recovery effort.

Waveland, Mississippi

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The destruction in Waveland, Mississippi, down the coast from Biloxi, was ferocious.
Katrina tore houses from their foundations and swept them inland.
All that remains of the beachfront home above is a concrete slab.

What was once a coastal neighborhood is now a field of rubble. Almost nothing is recognizable
in what was once a community of homes.

Observers struggle to describe the destruction in Waveland. "Violent" is the word most used.

Trees were stripped bare by the storm, and autos were tossed around like a child's toys.

In Waveland the storm lifted boats, like this 43-foot sailboat, and dropped them into the woods.

Further inland this house was floated over power lines and shoved into a service station.

This plaintive note sums up the condition of many of Waveland's residents.